This is the MCS Advocacy Letter I will be circulating for New York, Join me if you wish

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is William Jiang, MLS and I am exquisitely chemically sensitive to the extent it almost took my life three years ago. Let me tell you a tale I’m lucky I am alive to tell. I was stricken with an illness that had no name while attending CUNY Baruch going for an MBA. I could not even take the trains or buses because they were “too clean”. How so? I had a battery of tests for my symptom of an illness that few mainstream medical practitioners would even consider exists. My symptom? I choked on any air that had even minute amounts of cleaning products or other man-made chemicals in it. Believe it or not, they clean the buses, trains, and subway. All tests came up negative. You can imagine that the mystery of my illness and my despair deepened.

Things went from bad to worse.  I was homeless on the streets of Manhattan in the cold autumn months of 2014 despite the help of my friends and loved ones. I went without sleep for six straight days because my landlord decided to do some welding of a heater in my bedroom, making it unlivable, and my backup, my parents home, was rendered temporarily unlivable due to industrial chemicals that were being used in a construction site nearby. I could not even go to a homeless shelter due to my exquisite sensitivity to cleaning products. I am lucky to be alive because after six days of no sleep some friends of mine had a place that was barely chemically-neutral enough to sleep for 17 hours straight. After three more sleepless days and nights after this needed, nourishing sleep, I was able to return to my parents home to the jubilation of my entire family. The construction site chemicals that nobody else even noticed had dissipated from our living space.  Let me tell you, I was so drained. I am a man of 6’2” and wide in the shoulder, yet I sank to my knees and cried when I realized survival, a lost dream, was a possibility. My point is that my issue, called by Environmental Medicine Practitioners in the United States, MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can be life threatening even with much  support.

I am not alone. There are thousands of people in the United States with MCS. As of today, no government agency on the local, state, nor federal level specifically supports the right to live of people with MCS with strong tangible action and help. This is the reason for this letter. I and the undersigned from New York petition you who have the power, for tangible help for this small, marginalized, and as of yet totally disenfranchised community. People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities desperately need access and accessibility to special housing, transportation, and medical care. Thank you for your attention, and God bless.




William Jiang, MLS and the undersigned



If you wish to “sign” the letter please send me your name, post address,  and photo or scan of you signature to also check my FEDERAL Petition at