The 3 Physical Reasons Buddhism is Good for Mental Health


Imagine  a photo of the Buddha seated upon a lotus flower meditating.  Let me guide you through this photo. The Buddha is meditating, that is obvious. He’s the Buddha. One of his hands is down on the ground. Touching it. He’s Seated on the lotus flower. There, in plain sight are the three reasons why Buddhism is very good for the health, for mental health. How so?

Firstly, meditating is good for the mental health. Everybody knows this. It reduces  anxiety and helps with the immune system general health. Also when one meditates enough it can combat depression, anxiety, as well as other mental disorders because it seems to calm the amygdala and this by itself helps with anger, fear, and other horrible for preoccupations of the Mind.

Secondly, the Buddha’s hand is on the ground. Back when Adam and Eve and our ancestors were roaming the Earth they did not wear shoes. They slept on the ground.. They are always in contact with the Earth. This by itself was healthy. How so? Well it turns out that the  electrons coming from the earth going to the body actually help with anxiety and rest. This is a medical fact. Today, rubber shoes, wooden floors and carpets and other things block the natural flow of electrons into our bodies. This is one reason we are less healthy. Have you ever felt a sense of well-being walking through a grassy field or on the beach? This is the reason why.

Thirdly, I did not know that one could actually drink Lotus flower tea until recently. But, it is true. Lotus flower tea is the chamomile of the East. It helps with anxiety. Lotus tea helps with restlessness. Also, it helps with a calmer State of Mind.

Those are the three reasons why, hiding in plain sight are the 3 very natural strategies for mental health. They are powerful and have been scientifically proven to help with mental health and wellbeing. I invite you to check out more of my writings on my Amazon author page. I have a lot of great insights like this and to life the universe and everything. I’m the author of over 50 books in four languages English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Thank you for stopping by my little blog article about why Buddhism is good for the mental health.

Finally,  the teachings of the Buddha also can be of help to many people. I myself am a Christian. But I see much wisdom in the Buddhist teachings as well. Jesus was an amazing teacher and role model and if you are Christian or not I hope you can see that he lived an amazing life. I hope you can also see this about the Buddha.

William Jiang, MLS is the Author of 63 books, including the bestselling books Guide to Natural Mental Health , 3rd ed and his critically-acclaimed autobiography A Schizophrenic Will: A Story of Madness, A Story of Hope. You can see a selection of his books about mental and physical health nicely laid out on his blog at or check out his Facebook at Mental Health Books.NET