Navane (Thiothixene) Does not mix well with the following drugs and supplements

  • Curcumin due to the CYP1A2 pathway
  • Melatonin due to the CYP1A2 pathway
  • Milk Thistle due to “The breakdown of milk thistle by certain liver enzymes may interfere with the action of drugs that are metabolized by those same enzymes. … In addition, milk thistlemay interact with antipsychotics including butyrophenones (such as haloperidol) and phenothiazines (such as chlorpromazine, fluphenazine, and promethazine)” Because Navane is a thioxthanthene it is structurally similar enough to the phenothiazines to cause a problem when Navane and Milk Thistle are taken concurrently.
  • Tegretol due to tegretol’s enzymatic activity.

If you take Navane and any of these drugs or nutraceuticals, and you are having symptoms. Stop the offending drug or nutraceutical IMMEDIATELY. Be safe, be well.