Looking for co-author for book #66 “William Jiang and the Gammacore”

I am looking for a established author to partner with me on my 66th book tentatively titled William Jiang and the Gammacore. It will be a biography detailing how I was the first medical researcher that effectively used VNS brain stimulation to treat severe, life-threatening Multiple Chemical Sensitivites in 2016. Partnering with a good writer will hopefully bring more life and attention to the project and free me up to work on book #67, my 5th Edition of The Medical Libarian’s Guide to Natural Mental Health. I want fun and laughter from this collaboration, I’m a pretty funny and social guy. Ideally, my co-author will write with the controlled passion of a poet- an epic, storytelling poet. I feel that a write that can “produce” we should have a great first draft within a month.

I have sold 8,500+ books as of February 2018 and I feel that this will a book that will go stellar. Why? MCS is not yet an illness recognized by the American Medical Association, yet little old me not only understood the neurobiology deeply enough to effectively treat it amazingly well, but also this will be a extremely visceral book that is almost certainly destined for the silver screen. God willing, this will my first book that will sell 1+ million copies.

I am currently looking for a big author who already well-connected with whom I enjoy working. I have 4,000 words I am looking to lead the book with, you can see a sneak peek here on Google Drive to get a flavor of what I am up to. I am envisioning a short but powerful book of about 50,000- 60,000 words that will involve me telling my co-author my stories, possibly over Skype, while answering questions along the way.

Not only does this book include the pretty amazing discovery of how I was the first in the world to treat MCS, but also, I have two beautiful and amazing romantic love interests in the tale. I survived grave danger from being under the care of a talented but misguided psychiatrist who put my very soul in danger from homicidal and suicidal rage due to the multi-billion dollar drug he has blind faith and will not take me off of. I eventually had to risk my life to go against medical advice to leave his care, floating between psychiatrists when I do believe in the power of psychiatry well-practiced. It was a very ironic and potentially deadly situation.  I also have a warning about the science behind of many of the newer atypical antipsychotics that expounds on their very psychopharmacology as a possible largely unrecognized source of danger for millions who take them. Finally, I want to move to Medellin, Colombia or Spain due to my love of the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking ladies.

In terms of royalties for this book, they will be divided down the middle 50-50. Sounds like a good project? I invite you to contact me, Mr or Ms Wordsmith! Hasta luego!


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William Jiang, MLS is currently the Author of 63 books, including the bestselling books Guide to Natural Mental Health , 3rd ed and his critically-acclaimed autobiography A Schizophrenic Will: A Story of Madness, A Story of Hope. You can see a selection of his books about mental and physical health nicely laid out on his blog at http://www.mentalhealthbooks.net



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