Latest Review of my #Book A Schizophrenic Will- 5 Stars! Please Review, My Friends

My friends, I just wanted to share my latest book review- #30! I best books about schizophreniawant  to mark this milestone as an opportunity to invite those of you who have read my indie-press-published  life story A Schizophrenic Will who have found any value in it to make your voice heard and take a minute to review it too! It would mean so much to me personally because then Amazon would put my inspirational memoir in front of more people, essentially fighting stigma and providing hope!! If I get twenty more positive reviews, I understand that I will be able to reach readers just like the big boys! Let’s do it!

Believe me, independent authors fight an uphill battle when trying to reach interested readers.  But every positive review makes the effort totally worth it!  Some news, my beautiful girlfriend is currently reading my autobiography Entre la Esquizofrenia y Mi Voluntad: Una Historia de Locura y Esperanza in Spanish, and she has not broken up with me yet! Thank God for good women!

Some more news- I just finished giving away over 500 copies of A Schizophrenic Will on the Kindle, because I want to share my personal story of hope and recovery for those who may really need it. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit stressed this week, so any positive energy I can get back with this post would be VERY much appreciated.

I hope you are having a great weekend, my friends! Remember to share a smile and an encouraging word today. You never know who may be in need of it. Be sure to check out my latest book review below! Bless!

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