Top Amazon Reviewer Grady Harp Reviews: 2016 Guide to Fun New York City

2016 Guide to Fun New York City

Meet New Yorkers, Eat at the Best Restaurants, Do the Best Shopping, Enjoy Fantastic Cultural Events, and So Much More- A Handbook for New Yorkers and Visitors

5.0 out of 5 stars- Personal and insideguide fun new york information about The Big Apple
By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on February 3, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
William Jiang’s extraordinary chronicle of his life in another of his books – ‘A Schizophrenic Will: A Story of Madness, A Story of Hope’ – is at once arresting, horrifying, challenging and inspiring. Obviously Will Jiang is a brilliant young handsome man born prematurely to an Anglo-Saxon mother and an absentee Russian Jewish father and later adopted by his Chinese stepfather Yu Jiang: the inordinately touching memories of and tributes from his brothers Leaf, Chung and Justice as well as comments introduced in his preface form an impressive list of people attest to the fact that this is a unique young man.

Then we met Will in his role of a librarian with his THE ENGLISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY – William Jiang, BA, MLS, the author of sixteen popular Kindle books in English, Spanish, and French which have gone to #1 in the USA and have sold in Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, France, Germany, India, Australia, Italy, and Japan. He is a former Columbia University/NYSPI Medical Library Chief, designer, and he is a speaker of English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. And as his bio now states, ‘Most movies and media news paint one-dimensional, thinly drawn caricatures of mentally ill people, instilling fear. Refreshingly, words that could describe Mr. Jiang’s life and work include: brilliant, passionate, artistic, profound, knowledgeable, inspirational, and even “wise teacher”.

So here is yet another facet of Will’s expertise – ‘I was talking to a friend when I had the idea for the focused and unique guide in your hands. He is a Master of Business Administration, but he was new to New York and he felt he had nothing to do earlier in the day. I gave him a bunch of ideas of things to do. I know New York probably better than anybody because I was a Columbia University Library Chief and I have been a native New Yorker for more than forty years. So, I thought I could share with you what I taught him that day. I wanted to write a guide that would make meeting people in NYC easy and fun, and I think I’ve done just that! After you use the book, please let me know if you agree!’

What follows in this very short but extremely valuable guide is a group of sections – How to Get to NYC and How to Get Around NYC by Air, Rail, Bus, Taxi, Lodging, and Maps, Meet New Yorkers, Best Restaurants- Nightlife – Shopping- Reviews, A Huge List of Cultural Stuff to Do in the City that Never Sleeps, Find Yourself: NYC Parks, Tours, and Spiritual Venues, Best Ethnic Cultural Centers – and instead of oft repeated words he gives us references for websites to look up the many choices on our own.

Small but packed with meaningful information, Will has once again proven his versatility – this time as a guide! Grady Harp, February 16