Book Review: Your Achilles Eel by Mike Bundran is an Useful, Easy Read

Your Achilles Eel: Discover and Overcome the Hidden Cause of Negative Emotions, Bad Decisions and Self-Sabotage, Improve Your Self-Esteem just might help you get to the root of your self-destructive behaviors. AHA, although I’m generally not a self-destructive or negative person, there were many aha! Insights I had while reading this brief but insightful book.  I shined a probing light into my own psyche while reading this quick book, and it is a rare book that can make you self-assess honestly yet gently and usefully all at the same time.

The most important aspect of my own personality that I learned about while reading Mr. Mike Bundran’s book was the concept of not immediately gratifying myself. This sounds basic to any adult life, right? Wrong. If I cannot do something immediately, I generally give up on some level. The adage “Rome was not built in a day.” applies here.  How so? If you want an inner life or a work life or a love life as rich as that of the Romans, it is impossible to build something like that on immediate gratification. So, there has to be a short, medium, and long term plan for any aspect of your life you want to get better. That, for me was a crucial and very valuable lesson. What that means in terms of not being self-destructive in Mr. Bundran’s book you should read yourself to figure out. I am not an expert in terms of apparently and overtly self-destructive behaviour. Mr. Bundran is .That being said, everyone will engage in some kind of counterproductive behavior over the course of their lifetimes, and although this book is aimed at the some pretty self-sabotaging and self-destructive people, I feel that anybody can benefit from this book in that we all engage in this type of negative behavior on some level. I will be re-reading this book as I felt there were some deep lessons to be learned about my own life.

I felt hints of Buddhist wisdom in Your Achilles Eel. i have always enjoyed and respected Buddhist sacred texts and especially Zen poetry. There is much wisdom in few words in that spiritual tradition, with a distinctly different orientation than in Western religious texts.  Yes, I will be reading Your Achilles Eel again, more slowly next time. Why? This book seems deceptively simple on the surface in that we all have a negative force that is attached to our mind and ego that sucks the life out of it. However, the idea really holds up, the more one thinks about it. When one does not give life to those self-destructive forces in one’s own psyche, one becomes a more complete, loving, effective, whole, effective, and healthy human being.

Honestly, I before buying Mr. Bundran’s book, I read all the one, two, and three star reviews of Your Achilles Eel . I read the one star reviews on Amazon often as a critic can many times reveal a deep or obvious truth about a negative aspect of a book or product being sold on the e-commerce giant, Amazon. This was true here. But, what I learned about Mr. Mike Bundran’s book was not that it was not useful nor effective. Rather, it showed me that, sadly there were just some self-destructive people who were searching for healing and health in this book that were beyond the reach of the wise words of the book. So, they turned their self-destructive behavior outwards to try to denigrate the work of Mr. Bunran, and so they wrote a one star review, This just underscored the need of these people to spend a few more hours contemplating their own lives and their visceral reaction to Your Achilles Eel. They probably needed the book the most.

Finally, this Little work seems like something Freud would have written, had he put his mind to it. The book should be taken for what it is worth, a short but insightful and powerful book about trying to take the bite out of our own self-destructive psyches. It is not an immediate panacea for all that is wrong wit one’s ego or life. Far from it, as I mentioned the concept of time in the book, good things take some time. Healing and healthy behavior, although sometimes elusive, can become more possible after reading this book. “No pain, no gain.” they say. The worst thing a self-destructive person could do is NOT to take that journey of self- discovery and health by starting on that journey to extricate and starve their own Achilles Eel. They say that a journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step, I feel that this book would be  a step in the right direction, if you are struggling with chronic self-destructive behaviors.