“Facing Addiction in America” the 2016 Report of the Surgeon General

Ameicans: approximately 1 in 10 have or are abusing hard drugs. 1 in 5 have binged drank surgeon general report addiction in Americain the past month. Substance abuse costs about 300 BILLION in damages per year, in North America the externalities or the costs not able to be summed, I’m sure cost much more in terms of human suffering and death. For more detailed information, please See the Surgeon General’s “Facing Addiction in America” 

Report of the Surgeon General, 2016- “Facing Addiction in America”- a landmark report

What is the best medicine for Paranoia?

What is the Best Medicine for Paranoia?

best medicine for paranoiaIt turns out, for me, the best drug for my paranoia, ever, is called Navane, chemical name thiothixene. I hope they NEVER discontinue this medicine. It came out in 1968, and I know much of my success in life has been directly because of this drug. It is so effective for paranoia, articles have been written about  that specific indication in MEDLINE. There are side effects, but this drug has allowed me to graduate from a competitive undergraduate program, then achieve a masters, then work for about a decade as a librarian, and write over 30 well-received books, among other things.

I started navane first in 1992 at Stony Brook University Hospital,during my first psychotic break. Over the years, I  made the mistake of trying monotherapy of Clozaril, Abilify, Seroquel, Zyprexa, Geodon, and many others. Right now, what seems to be working great is

  • Morning 2mg Abilify
  • Evening 10mg Navane, 2mg Risperdal

I’m getting the restful sleep I need, my mood is quite good, and I feel good in general. I AM looking forward to trying Lumateperone which may come out in 2017, as it is part of a whole new class of medicines. I’m always game to try something new, but time-tested Navane will be hard to beat.


Vitamin E helps Dystonia

I startevitamin e and dystoniad having serious dystonia of the tongue, where the tongue would go back in my throat until I would choke. I had to take benzotropine 2mg often to avoid choking to death, especially at night. It turns out a supplement with 400 IU Vitamin E and 25mg of Selenium stopped that problem for me. It turns out I’m not the only one to use vitamin E to avoid problems like this. My guess is that long-term use of a supplement that includes vitamin E and Selenium could protect this problem as well as tardive dyskinesia from occurring.



I’m backed up again by MEDLINE:

Clin Neuropharmacol. 1997 Oct;20(5):434-7.
Vitamin E treatment in tardive dystonia.
Dannon PN1, Grunhaus L, Iancu I, Braf A, Lepkifker E.
Author information
Tardive dystonia is a disorder characterized by abnormally sustained posturing associated with the use of dopamine-receptor blocking agents such as antipsychotic drugs. However, the structural pathologic and pathophysiologic features of this disorder are unknown, and no consistently effective pharmacologic treatment is available. Patients with tardive dystonia mostly are young men. We present the case of one substantially improved with treatment by 1200 mg/d (IU) of vitamin E.