In search of an MCS Cure

This article is not the opinion or recommendation of City Voices or it’s staff. And, I, William Jiang, will assume no liability for any use or misuse of the following information because I am not a doctor, I am a medical librarian. Now, my story…

Last year I had ECT otherwise known as electroconvulsive therapy because of a positive therapeutic report in the Journal of ECT. The brain stimulation of the ECT did help the MCS about 90%, so I was on to something, however the improvement lasted only one week, not worth the damage being done by the ECT. It turns out that in part, MCS is a limbic system disorder. Later, I read about how in one of the Scandinavian countries they also had tried transcranial magnetic stimulation for MCS. However the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation did not reach the limbic system, because of the shallow stimulation of the magnets. About ten years ago vagal nerve stimulators debuted for depression and epilepsy. But, who wants a surgery to get an implant into their head? Not me. That being said, vagal nerve stimulation may help MCS for the same reason ECT helped my MCS.

However, there are relatively new vagal nerve stimulators which are NOT implanted. This is exciting news.  I am going to list the three brain stimulation machines which are available after this text that possibly could help sufferers in the very near future. Some of these devices are only available in Europe. However I wanted to share the exciting news that there may be effective and relatively safe treatments on the horizon that are not hocus-pocus.

  1. Indicated for Headaches: Gammacore
  2. Indicated for Epilepsy NEMOS
  3. No indication, but used in American clinical trials: Net-1000 Auri-Stim Medical, Inc. 

If anybody does decide to try any of these brain stimulation machines, please post here and share the positive news!




15 thoughts on “In search of an MCS Cure

  1. Ok, this is an update to this article. Amazing news! Today was the first day I tried my new Net-1000 Auri-Stim Medical, Inc. First, I used it for about 15 minutes. I felt pretty good. I focused a bit better than usual. So, of course I went to the medicine closet and opened a bottle of cologne and then sniffed it directly. First gingerly, then deeply. No reaction. Then, I went out to my local Payless ShoeSource, which smells very chemically. I leisurely walked around the store for about fifteen minutes while buying shoes. Usually, this store would make me choke and spit up. Next, I went to my neighborhood, poorly ventilated Planet Fitness. I hung out in the lobby for ten minutes. Usually, I would choke after one breath in that place. So, I’m happy to have used the Net-1000 Auri-Stim Medical, Inc. vagus nerve stimulator to successfully treat my MCS. Dibs! Called it! I cured MCS! Remember my name, people, William Jiang, MLS. I hope the treatment lasts at least a few hours. We’ll see. In any case, it’s a step in the right direction. God bless us, every one.

    Disclamer: This treatment seems work amazingly for me. We are are all unique, so it may not work for you as it did for me. If you decide to try it. Good luck! I will write a blog post in the future exclusively about this brain stimulation treatment. I hope it will continue to work for me. I trust it will, just like the electroconvulsive treatment, work and then wear off. That’s fine. This is much more benign than the ECT. 🙂

  2. It’s been three days of using the vagal nerve simulator so far. I still have no problems I can tell from using it. My quality of life is much better. More news to come. Oh, and I should say I make.. ABSOLUTELY NO.. money from the sale of this machine.

    1. Not sure where thread will show but I’d like information ASAP on where I can get this relief. Pls pm me.

  3. So, yesterday went well. But, I probably used the stimulation device a bit too long for my own body’s liking: a bit over 40 minutes. I had a fluttering heartbeat for a bit, going to sleep, but no harm done ultimately. I need to keep using this thing 20 minutes and below, per day so I don’t develop any issues. I think I’m a bit more sensitive to this device than others because I’ve had a EP Heart study where they burnt out nodes.

  4. Six days in now. Things are still good with regards to the MCS. I still have a huge improvement. I’ll post again in about 2 weeks.

  5. I would like to receive updates to this thread and any other advice or info for MCS. Thanks.

    1. You can choose to follow the thread and the blog using RSS. The Link for Feedly or whatever feed reader you wish to use is on the lower left hand side of the bottom of the blog page.

  6. Tomorrow, Sunday, will make 3 weeks since I’ve been using the vagal nerve stimulator. Life is much better. I am not 100% chemical-injury free, but I’m doing much much better. I go the gym in my neighborhood now, where everybody seems to LOVE those chemically disinfectant sprays. I don’t choke around most people wearing perfume. I am able to go anywhere on the subway and bus now. However, I was in a construction zone for about 5 minutes and felt pretty ill, I had to get out of there. That being said, most situations now are not SNAFU. They’re NORMAL. yay. I’ll check in here again in six months.

  7. I’m currently four-and-a-half months into my MCS getting much better. I’m currently using the vagal nerve stimulation about 2x per week for 20 minutes each time. I’m able to take the bus, subway, fragrant taxis, go to my local planet fitness which is like a chemical bath, and use about 80% of public restrooms. I even have a girlfriend who likes to use perfume. I am not cured, but life, with regards to my MCS, is much better. I feel lucky for this mercy. I doubt it would help everybody with MCS as much as it has helped me. But, it helped me!! 🙂

  8. Wonder if it has it has helped for EHS (ElectricHyperSensitivity) ? Mold Sensitivity? Makes sense that it could be helpful if the device itself is not a problem for those with EHS.

    1. That theory makes a lot of sense. I have no idea if in practice if it would work. I would hope if anybody tried it, they would post here to let us know. The most important thing here is that if the person tried it, they would not add to their suffering.

    2. My use of it for MCS is the first time VNS has been used for MCS. It has been untested for EHS and Mold Sensitivity.

      1. I had quite a scare recently. My MCS came back full-force. I thought my VNS wasn’t working. The LED lights were blinking differently, so my engineer brother said, “Probably the logic is off.” So, I bought a new one. It was expensive, but worth it. I just used it, and I was able to breathe easily in the post office for 20 minutes, which just the other day I couldn’t breathe in at all. My MCS is under control again. THANK GOD! I just wanted to share my good news and my little challenge that I overcame with y’all.

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