MCS Cure?

MCS Cure? The best Strategies of a Former Medical Library Chief and MCS Survivor

I am a medical librarian, not a doctor. The advice below does not take the place of that of your doctor. I will not take any liability from any use or misuse of this information. Consult your doctor to discuss your individual case.

  1. LDA  Therapy 
  2. Glutathione 
  3. Taurine 
  4. DHEA
  1. LDA Therapy–  Low-Dose Antigen therapy is effective in about 60% of people with multiple chemical sensitivities. It does not help everyone. It did not help me. I feel it can be worth trying. LDA Therapy  was created by Dr. Schrader in the United States. In the therapy the doctor injects a mix of toxicants into the skin in miniscule amounts. In New York City I have used Dr. Marjorie Ordene. She takes Medicare, so you know she is legitimate, not only because I said so. I found her to be a comptetent and compassionate physician. To find an Environmental Medicine practitioner who does the LDA therapy in your area, click here.MCS Cure
  2. Glutathione– increased glutathione in the brain and body is necessary for many people to heal from multiple chemical sensitivities. Many people take medications that drain the brain and body of glutathione, the most important antioxidant in humans. One of the best ways to increase glutathione levels in the body and  brain is to take grass fed cows whey. Personally, I like Tera’s Whey.
  3. Taurine –  many people with multiple chemical sensitivities are b6 deficient. When the vitamin is deficient in an individual it may be useful to supplement with Taurine.  Why? Check out my article about Taurine,  here.
  4. DHEA – use as needed. DHEA is a hormone that can help people with multiple chemical sensitivities. Use it with caution. Do not take DHEA for more than one week straight with at least two weeks in between “to rest”.

Therapeutic doses will vary according to the individual. Try to use the lowest dose that works for you, to avoid complications. I do not have any financial connection to any of the strategies I list. Salud!.