ECT and MCS: Electroconvulsive Therapy and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity- A Positive Therapeutic Report


I live in NYC with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. This is not easy to do. I have gone close to death and insanity on a few occasions since the MCS sIarted last year. I had ECT done at Beth Israel for my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other conditions on the 18th and ECT and MCS23rd of February 2015– To great success! My MCS is much much better. It is not completely gone; however, I feel I can live with this level of chemical sensitivity much better than the previous level of chemical sensitivity. My form of chemical sensitivity makes me choke on VOCs and dust, which are everywhere in NYC. The MEDLINE study that encouraged me to take such a radical step is the following:


Journal of  ECT. 2010 Sep;26(3):231-3.

Electroconvulsive therapy substantially reduces symptom severity and social disability associated with multiple chemical sensitivity: a case report. Elberling J1, Gulmann N, Rasmussen A.


Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic nonallergic, multisymptom disorder triggered by common environmental chemicals in concentrations considered nontoxic for most individuals. The condition may lead to loss of occupation and social isolation, and no effective treatment has been reported. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a safe and effective treatment of severe depression and medical conditions such as chronic pain disorders.


We report a case of a 45-year-old man with a 5-year history of MCS who had to quit his job to live a solitary life without his wife and children because of the condition. The patient had no history of psychiatric illness and no signs of clinical depression at treatment start. Over a 3-week period, he underwent a course of 8 ECTs, giving a remarkable effect on symptom severity and social functional level. After a partial symptom relapse, maintenance treatment was started with 1 ECT every second week. No memory impairment or other complications of ECT were reported at the 4-month follow-up.


In this case, a substantial, positive effect on symptom severity and social disability related to MCS was obtained by an initial ECT course and maintenance treatment. Electroconvulsive therapy should be considered an option in severe and socially disabling MCS, but more studies are needed to evaluate if ECT can be recommended as a treatment in MCS.

It is not even two weeks since the end of the first ECT. I hope because I responded so quickly, I will need the therapeutic shocks much less frequently than the guy in this study. I just thought I would share the amazing news with my worldwide MCS community. 

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Edited Strongly Biased Wikipedia Page on MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Edited Strongly Biased Wikipedia Page on MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


To aWikipedia MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivity strongly biased Wikipedia article, I added the following paragraph

However, since 1994 the American Lung Association, American Medical Association, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have supported the diagnosis of MCS. Indoor Air Pollution: An Introduction for Health Professionals. Also, the US Social Security Administration will accept MCS as a cause of long-term disability on a case-by-case basis. See Environmental Illness at the SSA‘. Additionally, MCS has an ICD Medical Code now in 10 countries MCS Fact Sheet.  There are currently about 300 papers indexed in MEDLINE about MCS Chemical Sensitivity, so there is a good amount of science that backs up this poorly understood medical issue.”

Kindle books in the top 100: About Schizophrenia

Amazon Kindle books in the top 100: Schizophrenia

Two of my mental health books have been popular on Amazon this weekend. Due to some Twittering, I had two Amazon Kindle books in the category of books about schizophrenia. My autobiography, A Schizophrenic Will: A Story of Madness, A Story of Hope peaked in the top 40, and my Guide to Natural Mental Health: Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia, and Digital Addiction: Nutrition, and Complementary Therapies Peaked at number 49. I have included a screenshot of “Guide” at #84 and Schizophrenic Will hanging in there at #100, late  Sunday.

Amazon Kindle books in the top 100: Schizophrenia
Amazon Kindle books in the top 100: Schizophrenia